Why Book Isabelle?

Isabelle is a high energy, engaging speaker who seeks to educate AND entertain. Every event is different and Isabelle always customizes for the audience in question. Every presentation is crafted to inspire while giving actionable advice.

She has an extensive portfolio of topics that cover the digital revolution, disruption, leadership in the digital economy as well as entrepreneurship and personal growth. She is also available to speak to smaller teams and executives in jump-start or accelerator sessions.

Popular topics, that can be tailored for your organization or conference

Disruption is an Inside Job! 

The world has changed more in the last 10 years than in the last fifty. Research has clearly shown one of the common differentiators of digitally “mature” organizations – those that not only survive but thrive – are its leaders.

The ability to develop a cohesive vision, the willingness to redefine work processes, an aptitude to break down silos and the ability to embrace failures are but a few of the new critical capabilities required to lead in the digital economy.

Nothing Great Comes from the Status Quo.

Pulling from research and social studies, this talk explores how the qualities that have been common in extraordinary achievers over the last decades are now more critical than ever. Common Sense is not one of those qualities.

The technologies and companies that will dominate our life in 20 years have not yet been invented. Markets are being disrupted and industries are in transformation. Yet we must remember that organizations don't disrupt, people do. Organizations don't change, people do.

More than ever we need to be comfortable with the unknown, able to face our fears, have a clear vision yet flexible on the ways to get there. History has proven that nothing great comes from the status quo.

Built to last in the digital economy. Upgrading your operating model.

Are traditional ways of working, leading and making decisions holding you back? In a modern organization, everyone must own the digital strategy. In this engaging yet highly practical presentation for senior leaders, we’ll explore how “digital” touches every aspect of the business, why change is necessary, and how to decide what to tackle first.

Beyond the Surface. Building Loyalty in a Connected Economy.

Is your organization thriving in the age of the connected consumer or simply surviving? In this presentation, we’ll explore customer behavior in the digital age through case studies, discuss digital business models and more importantly how to unify your organization, your leaders and employees around a relentless focus on the customer. A satisfied customer is no longer enough, you must cultivate raving fans.